WHAT did you do this summer?

This post comes as a reaction to a facebook status from my friend Rebekah who wrote, “What we did on our summer vacation (alternately titled, why my house is a wreck).”  She wrote of 113 things (I counted them all) she experienced with her cool four kids, from feeding a swan to getting a letter from the President….

Here is a little chunk of her wonderful list: “ate dinner in the car, watched drum corps, did puzzles, made and decorated bread cookies, made bagels, raced, watched the sun set, ate ice cream, climbed a rock wall, slept on the sand, shopped for furniture, went to the Planetarium, city sledded, made waffles, celebrated a 70th birthday, picked flowers, played dodgeball, picked blackberries, jumped in a ball pit, made jam, had dessert with someone from Australia, read about Narnia …”

You know what this tells me?  Life comes in moments—ordinary moments, surprising moments, moments that take our breath away, moments that shape us.  My friend Rebekah seized them. She lived them fully and gave her children the gift of experiencing them.  Way to go, Rebekah!

So… what did YOU do this summer?  What interesting/fun/challenging/forever-etched-in-your- mind/ordinary/extraordinary moments did you live in between May and now?

I’ll go first:

I danced at three weddings with my 7-months old buddy Linc, broke my little toe but was still able to squish my foot in my fancy shoes two weeks later, got a new haircut that made me feel like a movie star for a least three hours, cried with a friend who went through an unspeakable trial, listened to crickets late at night, picked blueberries in the early morning, laughed out loud, went for hikes in Whites Woods, had flowers delivered to me (!), made movie popcorn and ate most of it, stood on my street and watched the 4th of July fireworks, hugged Isabella, hosted a garden party for some of my favorite people, witnessed a miracle, moved my daughter from one city to another, ran up cardiac hill, ate grilled shrimp, grilled tuna steak and grilled zucchini, worshiped God, swam under the stars and counted at least 27 of them, sat around a fire at night, watched my youngest son’s face dissolve into tears when he saw his bride, sat in my hot tub with friends late at night, busted with pride as each one of my four children got new jobs, drove in city traffic without panicking—that’s a really big one, saw the sun set on a lake,  

saw the sun rise in my backyard, called my mom, won a push-up challenge, stressed over, prayed and finally smiled at my future, went to the baseball game and sang “take me out to the ball game,” planted flowers, drank some really good wine, made good friends while we sweated together at Boot Camp, did loads of smelly laundry, had dinner in Pittsburgh with my best friend to celebrate 31 glorious years of marriage, lost my footing in life and felt like the earth shook under my feet but then found myself steadied by the Word of God, read a wonderful book, had strong coffee on Saturday mornings, saw giraffes and elephants and had a polar bear swim above me, discussed theology till midnight without being able to settle the centuries-old questions, thanked God for His faithfulness, started running again, almost fell asleep in a hammock, revamped my blog, ate Danni’s cheesecake, mulched my yard, sat in the dark with candles and music, lived out loud.

What about your moments—would you share them with us?