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I find it interesting that we use food related WORDS for so many of life’s experiences—things are bitter or sweet, we are starving for affection or content like a weaned child, the evening was exquisite, a movie can be spicy and baby cheeks are delectable

I like the word DELICIOUS–de·li·cious–[dih-lish-uhs].

Delicious means “tasty, luscious, appetizing, scrumptious, delectable, mouth-watering… highly pleasing to the senses, especially to taste or smell, like a delicious dinner or aroma; delightful, like a delicious sense of humor.”

I have a delicious life.

But that’s a pretty generic statement—not fair when we are trying to live out loud.  So I will be more specific today about the delicious in my life:

I have a delicious husband.

He always makes me want another bite of life with him, like a spoonful of cheesecake in my mouth that always says “more” right after I swallow it. Time spent with him feels just right, satisfying down to my toes.  Delectable. Exquisite.

But life with my husband is delicious even when it doesn’t taste very good.

And that is a tribute to him as a man of God.

He is steady as a rock in the good and the bad that the days offer. He is not afraid to cry in the sad times, but I never saw him drown in sadness.  He knows how to enjoy the lovelies without going overboard.  He chooses well, and kindness is behind most of his decisions.  Selfless.  Merciful.  Funny.


What or who is delicious in your life?  Let’s hear it!