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We are people.  And people’s lives are intertwined with other people. We people can’t help but create villages in which we can live.

In our villages, there are all kinds of people who contribute to our lives; some contributions are helpful, others are challenging.  But no one is an island.  Not even me.  And not you either.  We must live in view of the village.

In more ways than we acknowledge, the village shapes us.  Here are some of the people that we probably all have in our villages:

~a wise old(er) man or woman who gives us advice

~someone who dares us to go forward

~foolish young lads that must be kept under control

~the ones who celebrate us 

~someone who irks us, no matter what they do…

and the list goes on.

Whether we like it or not, we are somewhat responsible for our own villages.  We are a part of them, just like every one else. We influence.  We benefit.  For sure, we are who we are partly because of the village.

Let’s talk about YOUR village today.  What does it look like?  Is there someone in it who did something for you that you will never forget?  Something that changed you and had a part in making you who you are?  Let’s hear about it, and celebrate our villages together.

WHAT will you remember forever that someone did for you?