Re-Updated List as of 9/18/11

Each entry reminds me that life is good and makes me more thankful.  Let’s keep the list going!

OUR VILLAGE “WONDERFUL” LIST (in no particular order):

1. Cheesecake

2. Bonfires in the Fall

3. Jesus

4. Crisp, clean sheets

5. The Maine rocky coast

6. Walking trails in White Woods (Kathryn)

7. The mountains of upstate New York in the fall (Rich)

8. The smell of the Ocean (Mary)

9. Fellowship (Laura)

10. Spending time with Family (Cindy)

11. Vacation (Andrea)

12. Subway’s $5 foot long (Daniel)

13. Laughter (Janie)

14. Fresh ripe red garden Tomato (Lonie)

15. not setting my Alarm Clock on Friday night (Paula)

16. Mission Smiling and Hugs (Veehcirra)

17. A great Book (Debbie)

18. My Grand-children telling me they love me (Marie)

19. Spending Time with your best Friend (Barb)

20. The “tap, tap, tap” of your beloved dog’s tail when you come back home or even back into a room! (Michelle)

21. Just now, a rainbow (Catherine)

Your turn! 



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