Wednesday’s W is about our “WONDERFUL” List

A “WONDERFUL” list is a list of moments, places, people, events ant things that are wonderful in our lives. “WONDERFUL” lists are full of wonder.

A really neat thing happens when we make a “WONDERFUL” list: we become more conscious of all that is amazing in our lives, and it fills our hearts with joy. “WONDERFUL” lists are wonderful!

Do you have a “WONDERFUL” list?  You should!

I wanted to let you in on the first 25 items on my WONDERFUL list today, but then I decided that we would all benefit so much more from such a list if we made one up for the entire village that we are.

So here is our challenge this week: I am going to list the first five items on our communal WONDERFUL list, and the next person will put item #6, then the next one item #7 and so on.   No repeats allowed!

How many WONDERFUL things/moments/people/places can we list together?   Here we go:

OUR VILLAGE “WONDERFUL” LIST (in no particular order):

1. Cheesecake

2. Bonfires in the Fall

3. Jesus

4. Crisp, clean sheets

5. The Maine rocky coast

Your turn!



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