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I was reveling in the view of a lake sitting on the deck of a quaint Bed and Breakfast in the early evening when my silence was interrupted by a dog pulling its owner down to the dock.  “Wait a minute, where are your manners?  Sit!” the owner said as they both got closer to me.  The dog plopped itself in front of me, staring at attention.

“Her name is Blossom.  At the turn of the century, most women were given flower names.  So my husband and I had a Rose, a Daisy, a Tulip and a Violet.  Now it’s just Blossom and me.  He died a few months ago.  We get along beautifully, don’t we, Blossom?” she said while scratching in-between the dog’s ears.  Blossom moaned with pleasure.

Blossom is ugly; looks nothing like a blossom to me.  But then again, I am not a dog-person.

According to its owner, Blossom is a rare breed of Cocker Spaniel that originated in the United Kingdom.  There are only so many of them in the world.  It’s an honor to own her.  “You know, Blossom was very sick, but I took her in and nursed her back to health.  And did you know that these particular dogs are hard to train but eventually they come around? Blossom is going to Dog Obedience School five times a week.  Just started a few weeks ago.  You can’t tell yet, but it will pay off eventually.  Won’t it, Blossom?”  Blossom looked up at her with adoring eyes.

I watched the two of them as the evening turned into the night.  They walked together, but I am not sure who walked who.  They played catch, and Blossom rewarded Mrs. Blossom for each throw with a jump higher than life.  Blossom swam; Mrs. Blossom applauded—and got soaked when Blossom shook herself after the swim.  Mrs. Blossom laughed out loud and Blossom expressed her delight by jumping all over her.

Mrs. Blossom talked a lot, and Blossom seemed to listen.  Responded with a few barks and licks.  Wagged her tail a lot.

The connection between Blossom and her owner was magical.  I suspect it was life-saving for at least one of them—if not both.

But I’m not a dog-person.

I might just begin to change my mind.

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