So I’m not a dog-person

I was reveling in the view of a lake sitting on the deck of a quaint Bed and Breakfast in the early evening when my silence was interrupted by a dog pulling its owner down to the dock.  “Wait a minute, where are your manners?  Sit!” the owner said as they both got closer to me.  The dog plopped itself in front of me, staring at attention.

“Her name is Blossom.  At the turn of the century, most women were given flower names.  So my husband and I had a Rose, a Daisy, a Tulip and a Violet.  Now it’s just Blossom and me.  He died a few months ago.  We get along beautifully, don’t we, Blossom?” she said while scratching in-between the dog’s ears.  Blossom moaned with pleasure.

Blossom is ugly; looks nothing like a blossom to me.  But then again, I am not a dog-person.

According to its owner, Blossom is a rare breed of Cocker Spaniel that originated in the United Kingdom.  There are only so many of them in the world.  It’s an honor to own her.  “You know, Blossom was very sick, but I took her in and nursed her back to health.  And did you know that these particular dogs are hard to train but eventually they come around? Blossom is going to Dog Obedience School five times a week.  Just started a few weeks ago.  You can’t tell yet, but it will pay off eventually.  Won’t it, Blossom?”  Blossom looked up at her with adoring eyes.

I watched the two of them as the evening turned into the night.  They walked together, but I am not sure who walked who.  They played catch, and Blossom rewarded Mrs. Blossom for each throw with a jump higher than life.  Blossom swam; Mrs. Blossom applauded—and got soaked when Blossom shook herself after the swim.  Mrs. Blossom laughed out loud and Blossom expressed her delight by jumping all over her.

Mrs. Blossom talked a lot, and Blossom seemed to listen.  Responded with a few barks and licks.  Wagged her tail a lot.

The connection between Blossom and her owner was magical.  I suspect it was life-saving for at least one of them—if not both.

But I’m not a dog-person.

I might just begin to change my mind.

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  1. When I was in middle school I went through an awkward phase. I loved school, but my classmates did not and often I got made fun of for my good grades and love of reading. My best friends were my books and Whiskers, my cat. It is amazing how I could come home each day and tell her how I felt and when I cried she sat in my lap and when I was tired she laid with me and when I was happy she seemed happy too. I told her about my classes, what I learned and she sat with me (often on my school books) while I did my homework. Thank God for her because she got me through a few tough years.

    My grandfather died 10 years ago this past June. I can’t get through a day without thinking of him. He always told me to smile, work hard and keep a positive attitude. He was the love of my grandmother’s life and the glue to our family. When he passed away from a valiant 10-year fight of cancer, my Nan was left alone in her house except for Nicky, their cocker spaniel. I truly believe that he is what made her get out of bed each day. He made her take him for walks, which helped her with her arthritis, he helped her in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep and he stood by her side, always the faithful companion. When he passed away a year later, my Nan was thriving.

    I am a believer in the power of animals. They sense your feelings and are the most giving and loving thing out there. You can yell at them, and they love you. You give them a treat and they think you are the Queen. They keep you warm at night, alive when you think that there is nothing left to live for, they show you courage and faith.

    Without an animal in my life, I would not be complete.


      • Bulldogs are low maintenance and you know how much I adore my two, but they shed! Depends on the size and what you want to do with it (i.e. carry it in your purse vs taking it hiking!)

        We never had a bad dog, we’ve had full blooded breeds, mutts from the pound, big dogs and medium dogs. It is all about how they are raised! They truly are special though and no matter what you decide, you will never regret your decision. Just make sure to keep your shoes safe if you get a puppy!


  2. I love my border collie shepherd mix “Libby” I rescued her, but really she rescued me. She filled a hole in my heart when my first dog Chelsie died. But, more importantly she filled a hole when my sister-in-law died. We all have uconditional love to give. I like to think I give it to everyone, but in reality I don’t. Libby allows me to love her unconditionally and I know she treats me that way too. She has sensitivity and compassion that I wish I had. Whenever anyone in my family is sick, she will lay with them in their room at night and watch over them. When my husband is out of town she positions herself in a room with her eyes always facing an open door. Not waiting for him to come back, but making sure no one comes in. If you allow your dog to just be “a dog” they will show you what love, trust and compassion really is, and we can beging to model those traits in our own lives. I love my dog!


  3. Well, I am a dog person and they are work, especially the first year but the payoff is great and worth it. We have always had dogs and they are alot of fun and all so different in personality. My dad used to raise Brittany Spaniels when we were kids. We all named a puppy and would cry when it was sold but I guess being around them all the time is what makes me a “dog person”. We have been fortunate to have pretty well behaved dogs. We have always had larger dogs and said we would never get a smaller dog…well never say never. We got our first smaller dog this time and he has sooo much personality. He is a jug(jack russel terrier and pug mixed) and we love him. He is a big dog in a little dogs We said we would never have a cat in the house and just got a kitten two months ago. She is into everything but I know she will settle down as she ages. If you didn’t know if you were a cat or dog person, cats require less maintenance. After they are no longer kittens, you can go away a few days and not need anyone to let them out or feed them if you have a self waterer and feeder. Cats are very sneaky but are very affectionated also. I love horses too but haven’t had one for years and I definitely know I will never have a horse in my house.(:


  4. I absolutely love my dog! It’s actually surprising to me that I feel so strongly for him, since I used to chuckle about my Great Aunts and their relationships with their dogs. Buddy loves me know matter what. No one is happier to see me when I come home from work than Buddy. BUT–and it’s a big BUT–he will be the last dog I have…at least at this stage in my life. I talk about being an empty-nester…that Chris & I have more freedom to go & do what we want, when we want now that our kids are grown. Not true. We still have a 4-legged child a home. He requires more work than any of the human children–especially since they’ve been potty trained for years! We have to take him outside regardless of the weather or how sick or tired we are.

    I absolutely love my dog! Buddy has brought me comfort and laughter when I’ve been at some of my lowest points in my life. The wag of his tail & the unconditional love he shows me never fails to bring a smile to my face. BUT…we can’t be gone too long during the day. If we want to travel, we have to find someone to take care of him or pay a significant amount of money to board him–all the while, worrying that he’s being cared for while we’re gone.

    I absolutely love my dog…and I may have another dog someday! BUT…when Buddy is gone, it won’t be anytime soon.


    • Your points are probably why I have such mixed feelings… I would totally give my heart to a dog, but do I have the time and energy to take care of him/her in the right way?


  5. Barbara..Doesn’t your son Daniel have a dog?..Do you enjoy his dog? .you could teach your dog to go outside on his own…if he doesn’t mind his “boundaries” you could get an “invisible fence” or a chain link fence. A boarding kennel is always fine for when you go away or you could do like you did with your kids when they were young…babysitters…someone who has a dog who likes your dog and they can be playmates…BUT if you are wanting to travel alot right now..UNLESS…everyone loves your dog as much as you do and the dog can travel with you…you may want to wait a bit until you are more of a stay at home person. I love to travel when money and time permit and my children and dogs have always adjusted quite well to the family’s schedule. After my last dog passed away I said “that’s it…no more dogs for awhile”. Well, I think we made it a year until we had to get another one. Rico is like one of the family.


  6. Barb, you know what an animal lover I am. After Abe, our golden retriever, died five years ago at age 14, we decided to be free of the duties of a dog owner (like the poop bags that Rich referred to). I get my “fix” by loving up other people’s pets! Now is not the right time for us to get another pet, but maybe someday…:-)


  7. Lovely story of Blossom, and from all that you know about Blossom it does seem that her owner talked alot. LOL

    I am not a pup person either, I have a kitty “October”

    Stopping by via Friendship Friday Hop


  8. I just loved reading your story about Blossom! I know my life wouldn’t be complete without my kitty cat. There is just something about having an animal. They truly become a part of your family.


  9. I’m SUPER allergic to dogs but fell in love with a puppy 11 years ago and just couldn’t lvie without him. He’s been there for me through good times and bad, he even heard my water break when I started to go into labor with my first son and was by my side in the bathroom while I was trying to figure out what happened! I get allergy shots just so I can keep him around but I doubt I’ll be getting another one once he passes, they’re so much work.


  10. Love this post!

    I’m not a cat person but I see why people love felines. I personally find it hard to connect to a cat because I’m very active, and I like the fact that a dog is right there by your side – listening to you and following your lead – as opposed to a cat that kinda marches to the tune of a different drummer (or its own drummer I should say).

    I really enjoyed seeing Blossom and Ms. Blossom through your eyes.


  11. This encounter wouldn’t have made me change my mind, it just reminds me why exactly I’m not a dog person and never will be. If I wanted this kind of relationship, I’d want it from another human being. But I don’t, so it’s my cats and me, forever and ever.


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