Wednesday’s W is all about WORK

Work matters.

It is the source of bread for most of us.  And we all like to eat!

But work ought also to be a source of daily meaning.  Eight to ten hours every single day have to somehow give us more than a paycheck–whether your job is “important” or not in the eyes of society.  And, come to think of it, is there really any un-important job?  The most menial jobs are necessary for the smooth running of our world.  But what about the one who is doing that job?  Can he/she find meaning in seemingly mindless or meaningless work?

Does the meaning come from the type of work that we do, or just from the fact that we give our employer a good day’s work?

I make people sweat.  My job could be labeled as pretty useless compared to most others.  Yet I find great fulfillment in a job well done, and the knowledge that I have contributed to someone’s well-being fills me with excitement.  I find my meaning in serving my clients with all of me, and in helping them realize their goals.  Yes, my work is indeed a source of both daily bread and meaning.

How about you?  What do you do for a living, and how do you find meaning in your day-to-day job? 



  1. I get to teach students music all day! I get to be perhaps the only person in their day to love them and help them not just in music, but life! I get to share my passion with them and encourage them find their own passion! Wow! I am blessed!


  2. What Laura said. 🙂 In addition to encouraging teenagers to find joy in singing and the satisfaction of a job well done when making music, I feel useful and needed when I know I’ve brightened someone’s day. Sometimes I help a student (or colleague) look past their problems and find a solution, or at least find hope that “this too shall pass”. There is so much negativity and despair in people’s lives…just knowing that someone cares can help so much.


  3. I recently changed positions: from a high school office secretary, where I served students, staff, parents and others–always striving to give a smile and kindness, some inspiration and motivation; now I sit alone in an office, entering data most of the day. I serve a smaller group of individuals, and that’s okay for now. I brought to the new position my best work ethic and commitment to duty. I still serve with a smile. I don’t know yet what new opportunities the Lord will give me, but I’m excited to see what’s ahead.


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