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1. Commit your way to the Lord
2. Smile in the mirror and tell yourself that it is a really, really good morning
3. Keep your word
4. Really, really listen
5. Challenge your mind with a new activity, book or thought
6. Give of yourself to those around you
7. Eat fresh food and really, really taste it
8. Dare to dream
9. Learn a new word
10. Take a few minutes to take in some kind of natural beauty and really, really look
11. Do more than what is expected of you
12. Go to bed earlier
13. Believe in miracles
14. Look beyond your limitations
15. Sing, even if you have to do it when you are alone, and really, really do it
16. Forgive quickly
17. Inform your face that it is well with your soul
18. Be thankful and voice it
Can you add to this list?
19. Do something thoughtful for another person (Sue)
20. Take the time to call or message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while (Sue)
21. Visit a loved one, especially a parent or grandparent you haven’t seen recently.  Take them flowers and a nice card.  If they live too far away then call and say “I love you.” (Sue)
22. Just smile… not only to the person in the mirror, but to the people who share this world with you, too. (Mary)
23. Realize that this is the day that the Lord has made, and choose to rejoice and be glad in it! (Laura)