Drunk on Love

Running while listening to my ipod, I match my stride to the beat of the music. The feeling is exhilarating as I let the rhythm take over my head while my lungs and leg work hard.  Blood pumps all through my being.

I consider the vastness of God’s love, and my heart almost explodes when He floods me with a rush of joy. Like a strong wave hitting a rock and making a splash bigger than life.

Breathtakingly powerful.

Heavenly strength.

Of meteoric proportion.




  1. Thanks for the wonderful attempt to describe in words the indescribable—when God reveals Himself, in His own way, in His own time. I love it, because it’s yet another way that I see that HE is in control of this relationship that I have with Him, and I don’t have to beg Him to show me more of Himself. He WANTS me to know Him! Wow!


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