Wednesday’s W: Wonders Money Can’t Buy

A gentle spirit

The hand of a friend


The acceptance of people

The Sunrise


The magic of words

The finding of treasures in the sand

The concert of crickets

A stary sky


A great laugh between friends

The giggles of a baby

The smell of grass after the rain


The beauty of flowers


The Sunset


A deep breath

The pleasure of a walk

The growth of a seed 


The majesty of snow– what will you add to my list?



  1. A peaceful, quieted spirit – more WONDERful than all the money in the world.
    Sharing – WONDERful how it enriches at least two lives, the giver and the receiver.
    Being like-minded and of a kindred spirit with someone.
    Truly touching and being touched by Father God.
    Really knowing how much Jesus loves you.
    Looking at your grandchildren and beholding the wonder of: all of them are here because of us…as my husband first pointed out to me–wonderful, indeed.


  2. the smell of the woods after a rain
    the crunch of crisp fall leaves under my feet
    the honking of the geese flying overhead
    the wonderful smell of a campfire
    the welcome sound of my husband coming in the door after a long day apart


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