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“Oh you know, the usual.”

“Another day, another dollar.”

Most of us often don’t take this question seriously. It was just another day.  And then another. And another.

But I believe in the power of TODAY. Each day counts. Because the whole of life is really made of days like my yesterday and yours, our today and the tomorrows to come. Moments thread into days. One at a time. They are like the pearls in a necklace, and the whole is an entity made of the sum of its parts.  The beauty, quality and richness of life depends on the beauty, quality and richness of our days.  My yesterday and yours. Our today.  The tomorrows to come. One at a time.

Today counts.  And tomorrow.

If we purpose to make each day a masterpiece, we will find ourselves with a breathtakingly beautiful string of them.  Priceless. One pearl at a time.  One day at a time.

So, my friend, what was your day like?