You will find Me

When I displace my vision, forgetting who I am, You find me and remind me: I am more than what seems…

And when I drain my heart of all its tenderness–and it is hard, and cold, unbend-able and stiff, You pour Your soothing oil, You speak the words of truth; You take the time that’s needed to bring it back to life…

When I forget my way and find myself “out there,” You come and take my hand to lead me back to You…

And when I squander all the treasures of my soul, You gently pick them up and put them back in place…

When I displace my values and start to fall away, You catch me in Your arms, and wash away the skewed…

And when I lose my footing and I begin to drown, You pull me out so strongly, and hold me for a while.  You warm my freezing soul, You thaw my hardened heart…

When I feel like a puzzle, a million scattered pieces, You put me back together, one corner at a time…

And when I have exhausted all the strength within me, You uncover Your own to infuse it in me…

When I relinquish who You have made me to be, when I decide that I just want to run and hide, You stand up tall and strong, refusing all my tantrums.  You just won’t let me go, for I belong to You…

You are my friend, my God, the lover of my soul

And I know deep within that You will always love me

And I know deep within that You will always find me.

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  1. I remember sitting alone in church one day, feeling like I deserved to have the
    earth open up and swallow me whole. All of a sudden, I was aware of Jesus
    presence. I didn’t see him, but I knew he sat down beside me, and put his arm
    around my shoulder. He stayed until the tears stopped.
    I learned that God doesn’t see me the way I see myself. He doesn’t judge me, or
    condemn me in any way. He just says ‘come’.


  2. For me, sometimes I don’t know what God has done until I’ve been out of the rough waters for awhile, and then I begin to see more clearly. Years ago, He gave me this visual: I was going down the wrong road, doing my own thing, ignoring His voice of warning. He reached out, grabbed my shoulder, and spun me around 180 degrees. It was as if He was letting me go only so far in my disobedience, and in spite of my obstinate “let me alone”, He mercifully said, “That’s far enough. You belong to Me.” He granted me the gift of repentance, and for that I am eternally grateful. He will have HIs way in us!!!


  3. That is such a wonderful word Barbara!! I am so thankful for His pursuit of me. I am so thankful that when we are in a pit and despair that He doesn’t leave us there. He will leave the 99 briefly to pursue the one lost lamb. Where can I hide from His presence?Thank the Lord..nowhere. It causes me to get so excited when I think of what lengths He has and will go to for me. The more I know Him, the more Iove Him!


  4. I like this a lot. Seems like–no matter how many times He leads me out of a valley–I doubt Him next time I find myself in one. It’s so hard, I think, to really live in the promise that everything will be ok…even though we know He will make it so.


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