Lives woven, one thread at a time.

Remember when my heart almost broke forever?  But I survived and learned the meaning of “BUT GOD.”  A strong and bloody thread in the weaving of life.

Remember when the two of them became one flesh and we danced and we laughed and celebrated life?  A joyful, full of hope thread in the weave of life.

Remember when we lived our ordinary days, and grew up into what we have become today? Sturdy and faithful threads, foundation of all strength.

Each one so precious, vital,

Some nicked, some worn so thin…

Each one so beautiful,

Together, they are life.

Intertwined, welted together.

I cannot count the threads.  Each one is woven into the next one, and the next one, and the next.  And as the pages of the calendar keep turning, I cannot tell where one thread begins or one ends.  They wove themselves into a priceless masterpiece.

Are you letting threads weave your life?  Tell us about it!