Celebrating Life in Maine

There is an ongoing little dance of language in my head; words dance at the rhythm of my thoughts and we all become acquainted with each other until the sentence is birthed on paper.  Until it feels just right.

I am a writer.  I love playing with words, using them as my color pallet to express what I feel, see and think; or what I seek to communicate.  The more I do it, the less uncomfortable I am with the words I use.

But this morning as I opened the curtains and beheld the majesty of the sun rising on the ocean, the dance in my head was violent and silent all at the same time.  Splendor took my breath away—and my words, literally.

Adorned in reds, and oranges and a whole sphere of yellows, the sun made his entrance shyly at first.  Gaining boldness as the seconds turned into minutes, he rose up in full strength, unashamed of his incredible beauty.  Or maybe unaware.

I was speechless, down to the innermost part of me where language is primitive.  So I stood quietly, and peace traveled through my being as the beauty wrapped itself all around me.   And I knew at that instant, without the shadow of any doubt, that God is good.  Very, very good.


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