Wednesday’s W is a WHY: WHY did I wake up this morning?

I woke up this morning to:
  • declare His excellencies
  • love unconditionally
  • make a difference in someone’s life
  • feel alive
  • challenge my limitations
  • grow
  • live
  • be
How about you?


  1. Dear Barb,

    A dear friend of mine just shared one thought with me this morning:

    “Isn’t the concept of a morning in itself amazing? It shows the heart of God for us. He wants us to start anew.”

    I absolutely LOVED that thought because it is true. A new morning is an image of God’s mercy with us; He gives new chances all the time. He makes us new creatures and our inner man is being renewed every day – this is what scriptures say. Every single day is a gift and it is not about us – it is about our God who is perfect in all His ways!

    Thank you for declaring God’s excellencies!
    Lots of love and a tight hug,


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