Wednesday’s W is a WHAT Question: What Defining Moment helped making You YOU?

I stood in front of my house engulfed in flames with my stomach turned upside down.  It was all gone, all of it.  Nothing left.

Sleep escaped me for the next three nights; how were we going to survive?  How were we going to rebuild a life with nothing at all?  How were the kids going to cope?

Exhausted beyond words, I finally fell asleep on the fourth night.  Little fingers poking at me and giggling children woke me up the next morning.  My eyes met my husband’s, and he smiled.  And at that very instant, I knew without the shadow of a doubt that I had lost nothing at all. I understood that life really wasn’t about what I have or did not have.  That I was rich beyond words.  A true defining moment for me…

How about you?  Can you think of a moment that made you more who you are today?


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