“Remarkable is what we call something we remark on.” Seth Godin

Remarkable is worthy of mention. That’s why it’s remarkable.

Sometimes, remarkable has the flavor of ordinary. So powerfully ordinary that it becomes extra-ordinary.  Remarkable.

Sometimes, remarkable is meteoric; so amazing that we can hardly find words for it.  Remarkable indeed.

Sometimes, remarkable is a painful, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, like burying your father.  Forever remarkable.

I don’t mind being ordinary, plain, simple. But please, oh God, please don’t let me be non-remarkable. Every.Single.Day.  Until I take my last breath.

I want to leave a mark.  And be remarkable.



  1. I love this – that in the everyday ordinary there is something remarkable! You don’t have to be superman to be remarkable – to leave a mark! LOVE IT!

    Wishing you a blessed, joy-filled, peace-filled, laughter-filled Thanksgiving season!


  2. I. love. this. My biggest passion is to know that I’ve made the mark He has planned for me to make, for none of us are without markability…we all have a part of the story that only we can write…thank you for this. It is poetry in motion.


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