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Mirrors are funny things.

Even though they simply give us a reflection of ourselves, we do not always see what we expected to see.  At times, the reflection in the mirror looks like a stranger… how did she get so old? so pretty? so fat? so skinny?  How did he get so sad? so lost?  so hard?  Is that really me out there?

Should we adjust our picture of self in view of what the mirror says?  Do we have to face the lady/man in the mirror?

Mirrors are good for many things.  Like telling us whether we have spinach in our teeth; or making us feel like a million bucks when the hair is just right; or making sure we have good form when we exercise.  And sometimes, mirror tell us truths we would not face otherwise…

More often than not, the reflection perceived through the mirror determines much of what we experience that day.  If we see ourselves tired, we are tired.  If we see ourselves pretty and happy, we act pretty and happy.  And if we see ourselves fat, well, that’s it, the day is ruined…

It is certainly note-worthy that human beings are the only beings whose awareness of self is directed by mirrors.  We people admire ourselves in mirrors.  And we the same people get all messed up because of the very same mirrors…

A mirror, reflecting a vase

Mirrors are meant to give us a feed-back of what is there.

But how we handle that feed-back is what truly matters.  And that is totally up to us.  Will we use it to our advantage, or not? Will we be ruled by it?  Will we ignore what we saw, or will we let it direct our steps?

Mirrors are neither good nor bad. They are an opportunity.