It won’t kill me today.  I won’t even notice it.  And no one else will either.  The secret is safe with me.

And the clock keeps on ticking.

An it won’t kill me tomorrow.  I can wait until it’s convenient.

And the clock keeps on ticking.

When all my ducks are in a row, I’ll consider it.

And the clock keeps on ticking.

I’ll do it, I promise!


Yes, you know: love my neighbor, lose that weight, get that cavity filled, call my brother, start to exercise, save for my retirement, sit down, write that letter, listen to what God is saying, read that book, discipline my child, go to bed earlier, waste less time, learn to play the piano, show up on time, go to church, pay my bills, scrubb that shower, return the necklace I borrowed, make time for my spouse…

But then, all of a sudden, it is



My neighbor killed himself, and the weight is out of control.  The tooth must be pulled, my brother can’t hear anymore,  I need a knee replacement and I am as broke as broke can be.  I lost the original letter and my heart has hardened; I forget what that book was, my child is in prison, I am exhausted beyond words and I can’t manage my time.  My fingers are full of arthritis, I got fired, I don’t even have a church. I have no more heat in the house, the shower is crusted over with junk and the necklace got stolen.  My spouse is long gone, and my life is a mess. It’s too late.

In a way, it is never too late.  But it can be pretty pitiful and a whole lot harder if you wait.  Costly and painful.  And so unnecessary.

What do you think about the cost of waiting?