Six Life Lessons I learned at the Gym

1. Cheating your way to your goal is totally acceptable

Confession time: sometimes I cheat.  Big time.  And sometimes I cheat just a little bit.  But I am ok with that.  And I actually encourage my clients to cheat if necessary.  Make your jumps a little smaller, and don’t go down that deep on your lunges.  Just work through it.  It will give you a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll want to come back for more until you master it.  And in the process, you are getting fitter.  And eventually, you get there…

2. Don’t forget to breathe

If you don’t breathe, you might faint.  And that’s no fun.  You don’t function too well without oxygen in life.  You don’t do too well when you are too busy to breathe…

3. Hard-won victory is sweet

It can be tremendously difficult at times, but the thrill of having conquered the last hill, or jump, or press is so very empowering…  Just ask first time marathoners, they’ll tell you!

4. This too shall pass

Burning pain and soreness may last for a few days, but they are not permanent. Joy and strength are on the heel of the struggle…

5. There’s no moment like the present 

You can talk about working out until you are blue in the face, but unless you actually do it, it doesn’t benefit you.  There is power in the now…

6. It’s ok to take a break

Sometimes, you are just too tired, or too sore to work out.  And your body is telling you to take a little break.  The best thing to do is to obey.  When you come back, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm…

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  1. Great encouragement Barb! Thanks, I needed reminding!! I have been busy the last month and haven’t worked out much. I need it and miss it. I am starting back up today!


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