Unconditionally Loved

For so long I have been taught that love is earned.  Not in so many words of course, because no one would dare say that love is proportionate to the labor involved… yet in more ways than I understand, I have been conditioned to think in those terms.

I do the right thing and you buy me a toy.

I behave and you will smile at me.

I am kind to you and you are kind to me. I rub your back and you rub mine.

Subtle and not voiced, the message permeates all that has been communicated to me, whether from people I know well or not.

And then came Jesus, the Son of God.

He loved me first–with no expectation from me.

He loved me big–all the way to the cross.

He loved me hard–giving all that He was.

He loved me long–and He still does today.

And His love is unconditional.  His love is not linked to my behavior; does not change depending on reactions and moods.  His love is constant, unselfish, always perfect.  His love has me as its purpose, not self.  His love is free, yet it cost Him all that He was.

When the realization of this perfect love broke through the hard crust of my heart, I became a different person.  All the way to the deepest parts of who I am.

That powerful love pulverized my insecurities about myself, my purpose and my future.  Love that big gave me energy to live.  Fully.  Relentlessly.  Joyfully. Love like that settles my soul.

Love that strong makes me fly.



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