He will come

Sometimes you won’t let anyone reach you.

You’re as hard as a rock.

Unapproachable, untouchable.

You retreat.

You clam up.

You choose poorly.

And you let yourself sink.

One thing I know:

He will come.

And wake you up.

He will come.

And hold your hand.

He will come.

And pull you out.

He will come.

And rescue you.


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  1. Yes! The picture that He gave me at one such time in my life was that I was walking away, with no intention of turning around, and He put His hand on my shoulder, and spun me around so that I could look into His face. And then my heart was changed. As you said, He came and rescued me. Hallelujah!!!


  2. Thank you, Barb…..this message couldn’t have come at a better time. I need to remember that no matter what comes my way…he is ALWAYS here for me.


  3. Very well said Barbara. Even when we close ourselves and have no more hope, he is always there ready to take us back with him, always there to remind us of his love.


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