Baby hands, baby feet

Giggles, and belly laughs…


The lost tooth, the found book,

The recital well done.


The bed so warm and cozy

Chocolate cake and ice cream

The place that you call home.


The birthdays and the growth

The simple days of life,

Seasons that come and go.


the flowers in the vases,

Your friends around the table

and the smile of a child.


The moments alone

The moments with people

The smallest of moment

Hours turning to days

And the growth of all things…


May you see His gifts to you in all your life and welcome them with all the celebration they deserve!

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  1. […] While I seek for more Saturdays in my seven day week, I gloss over the Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I miss out on the thrill of the job well done, the fruit of my labor, the pride in my days.  While I want more ice cream, I forget to really taste the one in front of me, filled with creamy deliciousness.  While I pursue more money, I neglect to see the provision in my hand and my heart and my home and my mind. While I long for more sleep, I forget to be thankful for what has been given. […]


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