Wednesday’s W: WEIGHT

It’s that time of year, you know… January.  The gyms are full, every one is working out, looking to lose a few pounds–the ones that crept up through the years and the new ones just obtained in the last couple of weeks of unhealthy eating.

WEIGHT… has such an ugly connotation for many of us!

Yet today, I will ask you to stretch your mind a bit; can you think outside the box?

What do you have to say about the WEIGHT of your investment in those you love?  

What about the WEIGHT of your kindness?

And the WEIGHT of your involvement in the life of those less fortunate?

And the WEIGHT of your compassion?

What about the WEIGHT that your job well done carries?

In many, many ways, I want to get a lot heavier!

What about you?



  1. Weight is just a number; it is how you feel inside!
    Eat what you want in moderation and you will be happy!
    I promise to watch my weight to be healthy but not let weight define me.
    Gotta get moving! It helps with alleviating the weight of life on my mind.
    Hit Barb’s Fit U for laughter and support, 2 things you need for any kind of weight loss (mental or physical).
    Thank you for supporting each and everyone of us with your positivity, kindness and humor!

    As I reflect on 2011, I know that my physical weight has been somewhat in check but the weight of financial, health and employment issues took a toll on me. I look at these as challenges and not obstacles. These are the weights in my life that sometimes pull me down but then I see the friends and family and my amazing husband who supports me, make me laugh when I want to cry, let me complain without judging and tell me they love me no matter what. These weights in my life are the best kind and I too believe that in life it is ok to be a bit heavier 🙂


  2. I was thinking this morning of the weight of God’s Word in my life. I want to be FAT with His Word. Neither weight or diet should be dirty words. Both have had a bad rap.
    He brings balance to our lives!! May He reign BIGGER in our lives this year.


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