It’s not easy out there, on the road less traveled.

I don’t get to walk in all the ruts made by the footprints of the many, many people who have gone before me, because they haven’t. The brush is thick.  Each step is laborious.

And my footing is somewhat unsteady.

And I get nervous, or even really scared sometimes.

And I get lonely more often than I want to admit, because there aren’t many other ones on this road with me…

Yet with every fiber of my being, I’d rather be there than coasting anywhere else.

Coasting strips life away from me.

And to tell you the truth, it’s my experience that life really happens on the road less traveled.  Inventions are made.  Wild thoughts turn into books, and movements and revolutions that turn the status quo upside down. And more often than not, it’s on the road less traveled that breathtaking beauty is revealed.  And I don’t want to miss it.