Great Thinkers

Some people are just amazing thinkers.

Great thinkers invent, push forward, solve, mediate, write, make progress, change the world.

Great thinkers are passionate.

They stretch thoughts past what is known.

They take leaps with their brains.

Great thinkers think outside the box.

Great thinkers are bold.  They are visionaries.  And they are beautiful.

And I wonder… were they ever taught to think like that? Do their brains have a different chemical make-up?  Do they all have a higher IQ than the average person?

I think that great thinkers are great because they let themselves be.  They don’t put a fence around their brains.

They allow themselves to push the envelope.


They give themselves permission to venture past where it’s safe. They refuse to  judge their seemingly crazy thoughts and look beyond what is known.  They don’t belittle their impossible dreams.  They play with words, and thoughts, and ideas.

I wanna play.  May I?  Yes, Barbara, you may.

But the true question is: will I let fear interfere?



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