A Baby…

I grew it, one thought at a time.

I wove it, one word at a time.

I closed my eyes, pictured my reader, and spoke to him/her from my heart.

For hours at a time. Until I was done.

Then the baby just rested for a while… I went to check on it every so often, playing with its words and thoughts until I thought it was just right; beautiful in my eyes.

After that, I had lots  of help.  People read, and criticized, and praised, and questioned.  And I went back to the drawing board and worked some more.

And today, I birthed it…

My very first e-book.

My incessant search for purpose and meaning in all that I do was the driving force behind my new baby…  And you know how it is when you have a baby; you want the whole world to know.  So here it is, folks!

In this ebook, I help you figure out what your vision in life is. And one of my goals in this short life that I have to live is to help African adoptions in the US.  So some of the proceeds of this book is going to fund exactly that: African adoptions in the US.  How cool is that?

For a limited time, the cost is $6.00. So if you want to download it, here is the link!




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