I read an article lately about the choice we have when we feel we have failed, or not succeeded.  The author talked about how a “failure” can be a catalyst for success if we let it.

It sounded good to me at the time; it made sense. It’s all about your attitude. I agreed wholeheartedly.

But  in a sense, it was pretty much irrelevant because I wasn’t failing at anything.  Life was good.

Until yesterday.

In one day, I wasn’t faced with one, or two, or even three failures; I had to swallow four of them, all at once.  Four failures.

My ego, self-esteem, confidence–whatever you want to call it–was wounded. Hurt.  Humiliated.  And I felt like crying, and hiding, and eating way too much ice cream.  And I wanted to scream, and give it all up.

But I did not.

Because perceived failure is just the opportunity to choose.

So I am choosing to let these failures/disappointments be catalysts for success.  I will take a good look at them, restructure my plan in view of what I see, and move forward.

And as many as my failures may be, I will never let them define me.  I am and forever will be Barbara Isaac Croce, beloved of God.

Failing forward?  Heck yeah, it’s me all the way!


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