Wednesday’s W is for WAYS

“30 easy Ways to Save Money”

“Five Ways to Reduce Spending”

“Ten Ways to your Children’s Hearts”

“God’s Ways are…”

When used this way, the word “way” means a method, plan, or means to attain your goal.  Ways don’t happen by accident, just like goals don’t just get achieved.  Ways are thought-through bite-sized ideas to get from here to there.

Ways are a little bit like bridges. And if you know anything about me, you know that I love bridges.

They make the possibilities endless, they add depth and hope to life. What was once not feasible is now reachable.  And I have a place to go, explore, conquer and love.

I love bridges. They remind me that I can always go on, even if it’s a bit shaky while I cross it.  The other side is in sight.

Ways are calculated bridges for things that may not be tangible right now.  Like reaching out to a nasty co-worker, or growing your marriage, or getting fit.  Ways are bridges in the sense that there is always more when you follow them.

So in the spirit of bridges, I humbly offer:

Six Ways to More:

1.  Don’t let What You Don’t Have or Where You are at Stop You from Dreaming

You won’t ever go for more unless you begin to dream it, taste it, hope it.  And you won’t dream or taste it if you let yourself be stuck in your now.

2. Speak Truth to Yourself

You may not have succeeded yet, but you can.  You are not born a loser, and you are more than what people see on the outside.

3. Start 

So you may not be able to go to school right now, but you can maybe start taking some online free courses, or read up on the subjects you are interested in…

4. Carve out Regular Time for your More

What can you give it? 10 minutes a day or a week? One hour a day, one day a month?  Schedule it and go for it. Small is good, small is safe, small will get you there, one inch/moment/lesson at a time.

5. Think about What You are Thinking About

Your mind is one of your greatest assets.  Make it work for you, and not against you.  As you consider what it is filled with on an hourly basis, restructure it if necessary.

6. Take Care of Your Body

Whether your “more” is related to your body or not, you won’t be able to get it if your body doesn’t cooperate…. So, whatever that means to you, whether it is eating better, sleeping more, moving more, drinking less, start doing it!

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