If you want my opinion, I think that caterpillars are ugly.   They look like they need some more skin or fur, and I don’t like the slime, or the way they move.  Just plain ugly. Worms. Yuk.

But I have to admit that they serve a very important purpose in my life, as they keep on reminding me of a simple truth: things are not as they seem. Things, people, situations…  you name it.  There is always more than what seems.

Because caterpillars are really just the immature form of butterflies.  At some point, these ugly little insects undergo a metamorphosis and become something else.

An intricate butterfly,

with vibrant colors,

dainty marking

seemingly hand-painted lines.

Caterpillars remind me that I cannot discount the metamorphosis.

Thins are not always as they seem. They may just be in their infant form. They may just need some more time. Possibilities exist.

And that gives me hope for me.



  1. Doesn’t it give one a sense of relief or maybe a bit of ease, although someone may be going through a hard time, a sad time, a busy time, this time in your life will turn into something beautiful. Very uplifting and a great reminder to always stay positive! Thanks for the wonderful way to start the weekend.


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