We get used to things the way they are.

Routine gives us a sense of security.  And honestly, stability feels like a very good thing, because we don’t really like the uncertainty of change.  We enjoy the safety that comes with things remaining the same.  We know what’s coming and we like it that way.

And we act and think as though it will forever be the same, as though nothing will ever change.

But stability is an illusion.

Things never stay the same, even when they look like they do.  The world is not what it was like ten years ago, or five, or even last year.  We don’t do business the same way–who would have ever thought about doing their Christmas shopping online?  We don’t communicate the same way–just think about the phenomenon of texting!  We don’t entertain ourselves the way we used to– we now need video games, 3D televisions and ipods.

Life is forever evolving, and so are we.  Today, you are not who you were yesterday.

“But I look the same!” Bingo!  You just touched on the core of the deception of stability.

Take your skin for example. It looks the same today as it did yesterday. Yet skin cells are being regenerated and rising to the surface of your skin layers even as you read this little blog post.  Actually, young skin regenerates its surface area every two to three weeks on the top layer! That means that what you see on your hands today is not the same skin as the one you saw last month…but you wouldn’t know it, because you look the same today on the outside as you did yesterday…

And so it is with what is going on on the inside of you.  Your mind changes as well on a daily basis.  You are who you are today because of  yesterday’s choices, words, thoughts and actions.  So even when things look the same (whether they are or not), you do not experience them the same because you are not the person you used to be.

Well, yes, but so what?  Why does it matter?

It does not have to matter, I guess.  It’s just an observation of mine.

I do think, however, that if I stay unaware of the reality of constant change in me and all around, I won’t really fully enjoy the ride.  I will question things that make sense once I accept the fact that nothing stays the same.  As I understand the principles behind the ever changing character of life, I feel that I am more prepared to live life fully, strongly squeezing every drop out of it.  And that’s what makes it exciting in my book.  Appreciation of change also brings to the table the pressing importance of embracing of what is right now in this moment, because after all, life is ever changing, and this moment never ever come back just the same.


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  1. This was unusually good! You are so right and it is God at work in us that makes it all GOOD!!! Having gone thru a major change in my life at to location and asking the Lord to show us the next move, has been a wonderful execrise is letting go of the familiar in order to embrace the next season in our lives. He is the constant…everything else is changing. I will put my trust in Him for this I know, that God is for me. We can rest in that revelation.


  2. This is full of eternal truths…we need to embrace change, but it is so much easier said than done, isn’t it? I’m glad you’ve come over to Painting Prose! I hope you return next week.


  3. Many times I just wish life would stand still. But it doesn’t and maybe I would be bored if it did. I do know I would n’t be happy if it wasn’t God’s will. When God moved us last I had been praying the Prayer of Jabez. My boundaries have been enlarged! I always am blessed when I stop by your corner.


  4. Wow. It is such an interesting thing to think about. My kids change so much in such a short amount of time but I am also around college students a lot. Always students and when they get old enough to graduate, I am still there with new ones. So I don’t “feel” like I am ever really getting older or changing so I am grateful to have this reminder. Though the outward is wasting away, the inward is being renewed day by day. 🙂 To think He is making me look more and more like Him is so encouraging!


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