Wednesday’s W: Why ask Questions?

“A question not asked is a door not opened.” Marilee Adams

Sometimes we would rather be quiet than appear ignorant with a seemingly foolish question. Sometimes, we just don’t know what questions to ask. And sometimes, we simply don’t want to face the answer.

But at the end of it all, I believe that questions asked promote growth.  The questions don’t even always need to be answered. Because in the simple act of asking, we:

~dare to assert ourselves by speaking,

~open our minds to understanding,

~acknowledge our need for more.

We are changed by the asking.

So ask away!

Do you remember a time when you asked and were changed?  Let’s hear it! 



  1. This is so true! Last night I asked a question about a verse in Galatians at bible study. I was really confused about the verse, and when I asked for it to be explained, I saw the verse in a whole new way! The Lord opened my eyes, and now I’m changed!


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