Growing (up) means NEW–discovering new things, tasting new foods, experiencing new feelings, being exposed to new ideas, assimilating some of them and being changed in the process.  Sometimes, growing (up) is a lot of fun! It feels like we’ve got power, like we can go anywhere, do anything, like we’ve got the whole world in our hands…

But sometimes, growing (up) is hard work…  Because NEW might mean stretching our thinking until our brain hurts, and being confronting with very uncomfortable tasks and thoughts, and pushing ourselves past where it feels safe.  It might mean feeling like we are going to explode.

It means that our stability is compromised.  And it might mean that we feel very, very vulnerable…

At times, growing (up) involves serious growing pains in all the corners of who we are, spirit, soul and body.  And it might just be so painful that we decide we don’t want up grow (up) any more…

And we choose to stop. We’ve all been there at times.  And in all honesty, I can’t blame us–we just don’t want the pain.  We quit.

The only problem with that is that we become stagnant.

Because the very act of being alive demands growth.  We cannot not grow if we are alive.  Really alive, I mean.

And there isn’t a seed on earth that turns into a flower without the process of growth.  We are not exempt–if we want to see the seed turn into the flower in our lives, we will have to go through the process.

No shortcuts allowed.


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