Things to STOP doing to yourself:

1. Believe Every Word You Tell Yourself

That is such a difficult one because we tend to believe ourselves long before we believe anyone else.  We know better, right?  We live with ourselves, right?  Yes, we do, but we are often so hard on ourselves, and we do not see the whole picture.  If all you are telling yourself is that you are too scared, too fat, too dumb, too tired, too anything to live life at its fullest, you are probably not telling the truth…

2. Thinking Yourself Have To Do It All

Not only do you not have to do it all, but the sun will come up tomorrow even if you don’t.  And the day after.  Stop and smell the roses, will you?

3. Isolate Yourself when you are in Trouble

That’s the worst time to go away and hide in your cave.  Call your best friend, or anyone who will speak truth to you, or make you laugh.  Tell on yourself, ask for help, or put it on the shelf for a while and go out to have fun… “it” will still be there when you come back.

4. Forgo Sleep In Order To

you fill in the blanks.  Of course, sometimes, we must.  But not on a regular basis!  A well-rested mom, worker, spouse, friend is so much more useful than an exhausted one who can’t function.

5. Taking Yourself Seriously

Seriously, think about it!


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