Wednesday’s W: WRAPPED

WRAPPED in His love

or bundled in hatred,

WRAPPED in safety

or enveloped by fear,

WRAPPED in His Word

or imprisoned in mind,

  Wrapped in forgiveness,


or entangled in bitterness…

Which one do you claim?
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  1. I choose being wrapped in His amazing love and provision. The world calls loud and clear but mocks us when we fall. God’s love is sustaining and comforting even when we fail. I choose HIM!


  2. Hi, I came to visit from Brag on God Friday. What a lovely post. I’m saving it to share with my grandkids. Such important truths in such easy to understand illustrations! Thank you!


  3. Whoah. Who on earth would read these juxtaposed lists and consciously claim the negative? And yet we do choose those things, don’t we, when our fallen nature gets the better of us? What joy that we have His love and safety, His word and forgiveness always there to return to, to wrap back up in, to start again, clean and fresh, loved and safe and Truth-informed and forgiven.


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