Do the right Thing

It seems so much easier not to.  Just turn my face away and close my eyes.  Pretend I did not see.  Pretend I did not hear.  Pretend I did not know.

And die a little bit.

And die a little more next time.

Until it is too late, and nothing is left of me.

I believe that a sharp conscience has a lot to do with feeling alive.  It tells me that there are things worth standing up for, fighting for, speaking up for.  It reminds me that life is not all about me, and I am a part of the village.  It faces me with the wonderful fact that I cannot ignore those around me who suffer.

A sharp conscience makes me move.  It forces me to react.  To grow.  To be who I was made to be.  It fulfills me.

So, my Soul, do the right thing today.  It will keep you alive.



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