Wednesday’s W: WAIT

There is something so valuable in waiting for the right time.

I may have the solution to your problem, but if I don’t wait until you are ready to hear it, you just won’t be able to receive it.

I may have the whole picture in mind, but not be able to wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to be in place and mess it all up.

I may have the best idea, but if I jump on it before it’s time, it will not accomplish its purpose.

Waiting means that I am positioning myself for success.

Waiting doesn’t mean that I procrastinate.  Waiting means that I am getting ready, or I am holding on to “it” until it can bear its best fruit.

Waiting is not only a WHAT thing, it is a HOW issue.

Waiting well is active, exciting, and requires a lot of discipline.

How are YOU waiting for what you are waiting? 


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  1. Thanks Barbara!! I needed to hear that! I’m waiting anxiously and could be a better waiter. I’m waiting for answer so that I can figure out what I need to do next.


  2. SO TRUE! I have to learn this again and again! Once the Lord even told me to SIT DOWN and BE QUIET! Then He worked things out in ways I could have never imagined!


  3. I am not a good wait-er. I’m more a “get in there and get it done” kind of girl. I’ve had to learn to “be still and know that I am God.” I’m working on that!


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