When I take a walk in an area I am not too familiar with, I pay close attention to my surroundings. I look for specific landmarks. It gives me a feeling of security; I tell myself that even if I happen to lose my sense of where I am, I will still be able to retrace my steps back to where I started from. “Oh, yes, I remember this tall steeple—or this tree, this park bench with the letters scratched in. My car is somewhere to the left of this red bush.”

But sometimes, I get curious about something and I wander off the path, forgetting all about paying attention.  And more often than not, after a while, I don’t have a sense of where I am anymore. I feel lost and scared.  I drifted…

Drifting can happen easily in life.  And it’s a curious thing because you don’t know you are doing it until it’s too late, or almost too late. One of the definitions of the word “drifting” is ” the deviation of an aircraft from a set course due to cross winds.” According to that definition, you have to have two things in order to drift: (1) a set course, and (2) cross winds.  Unless I have a clear way of measuring where I am in relation to where I was and where I am going, I have no way of knowing whether I am somehow moving away from my desired target, even if only slightly, until I am completely off course.  And unless I live in a bubble, there will surely be cross winds throughout my days.

The key for me is to fix my focus on my target, keep it right in front of me at all times. So even if my feet wander a bit to the left or to the right a bit, the immovable target brings me back on the right path.  Every time.  Like a lighthouse for my soul.

We all ought to have a target–a place to fix our eyes.  Do you have one?  It will keep you from drifting.

Let’s hear about your target! 

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