Good enough

I quickly kind of make the bed, my mind filled with the activities of the day.  The comforter is all crooked, and the pillows are not at their right places.  But it doesn’t matter, I’ll mess it up the minute I get back into it tonight.  Well, it kind of matters, but no so much.

Because realistically, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares whether my bed is well made or not?


It doesn’t matter; it’s good enough.



But sometimes, good enough is not good enough.  Like a good enough hug, or a good enough lesson planned, or a good enough foundation.  The hug just barely eased my conscience and the other person could see right through it and was made to feel unimportant.  And the lesson plan wasn’t thought-through enough; the kids went home without understanding and got in trouble for apparently not paying attention.   And the house foundation?  Well, it never withstood the test of the freezing weather, and it has a few big cracks in the middle.




Yet at the time, it really seemed plenty good enough.



So tonight, as I read about the atrocities going on in the world all around me, I wonder if my check is good enough. Or my prayer, or my indignation…

When is good enough good enough?  And when is it so very far from good enough?

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  1. “When is good enough good enough? And when is it so very far from good enough?”

    Thought provoking questions…not easy to answer…

    We must trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in prioritizing our time, resources and commitments.

    How to “give our all” while “resting in His grace”…not always easy to know…


  2. This is such a good reminder and lesson for me. I tend to do things 1/2 way, like cleaning my house or laundry. But really if I think of these things as good enough what am I teaching those little eyes who are watching me. Is it truly good enough?


  3. Barbara, where have you been all my life? You stopped by my blog and your comment sent me right to you. Love this post. I’m following, AND I’m to Beholding Glory to see if there is more wonderful (like you) there.
    Read you again soon.
    Peace and good.


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