Wednesday’s W: What and Why and How and Where?

Why do giraffes have long necks?

Why do some years leap ahead?

Do woodchucks really chuck wood?

What is a butt-head?

Where do worms go in the winter?

Who is Uncle Sam?

How much rain can a cloud hold?

Why are veins blue if blood is red?

What is a funny bone?

Why is ice slippery?

When is a State not a state?

Which side is the wrong side of the bed?

Do dogs really eat homework?

Which dessert takes the cake?

Do you need a pen to have a pen pal?

Are bald eagles bald?



  1. Well, veins are blue because they carry blood without oxygen, which is blue instead of red. And I think the funny bone is a bone in your elbow (maybe knee) that really hurts when you hit it, which is ironic because that’s not funny at all 🙂 as to the other questions, I like it. Makes me think outside of the box!


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