When my children were little, we lived not too far from a cemetery and every so often, we would take a walk among the graves, trying to read the inscriptions on the tombstones, looking for dates, inventing lives for those people who no longer were.

Trying to touch time.

I don’t know how it works.  I am not sure how one connects to people whose name we could hardly read, whose life we never knew, whose bodies were long gone.

But we did.

We gave them families, jobs, hobbies, character traits.  We respectfully brought them into our everyday hours. We cheered them on.

And in a tangible way, we touched time.

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  1. This is a good one! I am into family history work. Before my mother passed away I was able to finish my father and her’s life history. I am now finishing up the history of my 98 year old aunt who is still living. I learned so much about my parents I didn’t know and also many things about my Aunt too.
    I loved that you did this with your children. I think we are curious about the lives of our Ancestors.


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