April 2012 Letter–Dear Words

Dear Words,

I live by you.  

I drink you in when I am loved, I pour you out when I am sad. You leap in me when I am happy, and you simply sit with me when I am lonely.  

Marvelous, yet as plain as can be,

Extra-ordinary yet more ordinary than anything,

Phenomenal and yet  rudimentary,

You frame the whole of my world from the inside out.  

All I am and do begins with you, and you are the end of all of me.  I have let you tear me down and I have allowed you to build me up. I believe you. You grow me.  You are the wind beneath my wings. I love you. 

And as I am crafting you today to talk about you, I find myself at a loss of you…  

I whisper you, I write you, I sing you, I cry you, I shout you.

I play with you.

I mold you. You mold me. 

I let you become the expression of who I am.  

You empower me to reach out to those I love.   

I have no beginning separated from you, no growth apart from you, no end away from you.

I breathe you in unto life and breathe you out unto fulfillment.

Thank you for all that you mean to me,





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