Strawberries and Time

I seared a tuna steak, toasted a piece of Ezechiel bread and cleaned three jumbo strawberries–the perfect supper!

Sitting all alone at my kitchen table with my supper and my Kindle, I began to read and eat.  The book was philosophying about time, and how we run after it and don’t take it for what it is, and I was agreeing wholeheartedly, chewing, reading and swallowing. I grabbed a strawberry and bit into it.  One bite of red ripe sweet strawberry, one bite of seared tuna covered with cracked pepper, one bite of buttered toast.  One page of my book.  Eating words about taking the time to be.  Turning my electronic pages, eating a bite of strawberry, a bite of seared tuna, a bite of buttered toast and a bite of book.

The food is so so good, and the words are absolutely delicious… but I am only half-tasting, involved with too much, swallowing too much different foods at once, and the words that talk about taking time, quickly pushing the button to turn my elecronic pages.

And then the absurdity of it all hit me.

Rushing through my book and my lovely strawberry, seared tuna covered with cracked pepper and toast.  One bite after the other, swallowing quickly, both the words and the tuna.

I stop.

I pick up the second jumbo strawberry and look at it.  Plump, bursting with color, enticing, inviting.  I close my eyes and bite into it.  Juice runs down my chin and delicious sweetness bursts into my mouth, lodging itself into every surface of my tongue, and cheeks and palate. I chew slowly and let the marvelous fruitiness melt inside of me.  Right now.  Time stops.

I pick up a little piece of cracked pepper covered seared tuna and pop it in my mouth.  Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, peppery and meaty, strong but delicate.  Oh my goodness.  Life is all good, and the moment is non-replicable.

Just as it should be.

I finish my supper, one small bite at a time.

Then I “rewind” my e-reader and start again at the part where the book tells me about how we run after time and don’t take it for what it is and miss out on it because we are so rushed through it all.

Yep, I got it; thank you very much.

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp

#6 Time to enjoy the moment I am in

#5 Seared tuna covered with cracked pepper

#4 Plump, juice strawberries

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  1. I could taste that strawberry right with you! It is such a blessing to stop and savour every bite of life. Thanks for the reminder today. Blessings!


  2. Oh, delicious! Delicious words… Have you read the Spirit of Food, a collection of stories compiled by Leslie Leyland Fields? This is such a perfect fit. You would love it, I think.


  3. Yes.
    And you encourage me to go slow, go slow through this lovely free day. Funny how when you slow, the time often slows, too. And when you race, the hours flee fast. Slowing and savoring God’s goodness…


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