Metaphors are delicious.

They are such a powerful tool in our lives if we let them add meaning to our  ordinary, challenging, full-of-obstacles days.  We can let metaphors turn tasks into adventures.  And who doesn’t like a good adventure?

Metaphors shape our everyday life language into pictures. Good or bad, really.  That’s your choice.  That’s why you must own your metaphors; they are yours and yours only, and they will color the hours of your day, molding your experiences.

There are no rules in creating a metaphor for your challenge, day, life, situation.  All it is is a sentence that frames your present state and the desired result into a word picture that empowers you, motivates you and moves you along. You are the only one to whom it has to make sense.

I use them a lot.  I create stories for my day with them, letting my imagination take me where I need to go.

This week,

I am on fire, ready to ignite all those who come near me.

I am taking the bull by the horns and not letting go until I win.  

My body is the house where I live, and I honor it.  

The Word of God soaks into me and quenches the thirst of my spirit.


My mind is sharp like a scalpel, and I use it strategically in my life and the lives of those I am involved in.

My home is a castle where those I invite are safe to dream, and grow, and live.  

My marriage is a quilt.

Metaphors are cool.  Wanna try?

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