Maybe it’s the culture I live in, or my greed, or human nature, but I seem to always want More.  Another bite of dessert, and just a bit more money, and if I could only sleep a few more minutes, and have another Saturday every week.  Just a smidgen more, you know…

More house, more understanding, fancier car, more friends, more food, more hugs, more shoes, more beauty, nicer furniture, more wisdom, better dishes, more time, expensive artwork.

More. Just a smidgen more. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? No, of course not.

Until one day, I begin to see it, like in a fog.  I can’t quite wrap my head around it, but I know.  And it turns me inside out and makes me feel sick to my stomach.  I keep digging, and thinking, and looking and staring at all the More that I want, that I say I am entitled to until I finally get it–and I see, clear as day.  And I fall on my face, horrified by the revelation.

My yearning for More is a twisted gospel that I swallowed and defended, and preached, and grew.  My yearning for More is stealing my life.

While I seek for more Saturdays in my seven day week, I gloss over the Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I miss out on the thrill of the job well done, the fruit of my labor, the pride in my days.  While I want more ice cream, I forget to really taste the one in front of me, filled with creamy deliciousness.  While I pursue more money, I neglect to see the provision in my hand and my heart and my home and my mind. While I long for more sleep, I forget to be thankful for what has already been given.

While I look for my More, I slap God in the face.  You did not give me enough.

While I look for my More, I deny true contentment.

While I look for my More, I let life slip away.

I pick myself off the floor, turn away from the More that I thought I so needed and pick up my Enough.  Beautiful, and so rich, and so full of the moment.

Enough grace for my day, enough hours for my life, enough love for my calling, enough strength for the journey.  What I have is enough.

My Now is enough.

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp

#14 My everyday Life

#13 The Moment I am in

#12 Understanding that More is not always More

#11 Seeing that I have enough

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  1. My pastor always says, “How much money do you think you need? Just a little bit more.” No matter what God has provided, we, like the children of Israel always seem to want just a little bit more. Ah, to be content with little or much!!


  2. Amen sister!! Godliness is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment…when I am “restless” I preach that to myself:)


  3. So good…so much to meditate on…so much to ask God to work into me. It was Eve’s downfall, wasn’t it? God didn’t give me enough. He withheld from me. He IS NOT GOOD. You’re right; it’s a slap in His face. Forgive me, O Lord…


  4. It goes with everything doesn’t it? The unquenchable desire for the more that is only filled with God. I think about it even in blogging, wanting more followers, readers, influence, blah, blah. And I remember Jon Acuff saying whether you have a one view or a million, it never feels like enough, never will. Lovely post.


  5. Barbara! Thank you so much for this! More, more, more — constantly, right? And what we have now, today, in this moment, is from Christ and exactly enough. Visiting from Soli Deo Gloria today, and grateful for your powerful words!


  6. “My yearning for More is stealing my life.” Beautiful wisdom! I am just really getting this, re blogging, like Redemption’s Beauty mentioned. Even when we think we’ve settled into thankful, contented peace in one or two (or more) areas, some other craving sneaks up on us and starts pulling at us if we don’t watch out!


  7. Thank you for your beautiful entry into Tell Me a Story, blog party. Your reminder is something that we all need to encourage us to learn and experience contentment.
    Holding what the Lord gives to us with open hands and not a tight fist is what brings peace. Keeping our eyes on Jesus FIRST and then He will bless us with those things that we need. (need not want.)


  8. My hubby and I made the decision that starting in 2012 we were going to live on our meager retirement budget. Meaning, no more spontaneous dinners out on credit, just because……Even our “needs” had to considered. What transpired through the pruning process was a deeper gratitude to HIM for always, always providing our true needs, giving us Grace in the “wait” for His “now is the time” and unlimited joy.


  9. Amen, sister! We get caught up in the “More” we forget the “enough.” Even if we have “nothing,” we still have it all– because we have Christ! Blessings sister!


  10. Hi Barbara – this is such a great post. i love how you have worded it, put down our more and pick up our enough. Awesome! Thank you for linking this post up today. I look forward to seeing you there next week 🙂
    God bless


  11. Yes, yes, yes.
    We are just alike in this…
    I wrote a poem a few years ago called “Jesus or a donut” about this very heart attitude.

    Praying for both of us on this journey!
    What a blessing to have found each other!


  12. And it never fills, does it? We cram the heart full of more, then walk away still feeling empty.

    Fantastic truth spoken here, Barbara. Thank you for sharing so beautifully.


  13. This post spoke volumes to me, Barbara. I was especially moved by this statement, “While I look for my More, I slap God in the face. You did not give me enough.”

    Lord, forgive me for wanting more than you have given me!



  14. Beautifully written! This is real food for thought. Knowing that we have everything that God has to give is such a key to having peace in our day-to-day lives. I love your comment that thankfulness is the key!


  15. Ugh… I so hear you about ‘more.’ I stopped for a second when relating ‘more’ as a slap in the face of God, as if saying that what’s in my ‘now’ is not enough. Especially when all we need we truly have…. “My grace is sufficient for you.”

    Wow, deep thoughts here! Thanks for sharing.
    God bless 🙂

    ~ Deanna @


  16. I think this is a problem for most of us. I think advertising, especially TV convinces us that we need just one more thing. Of course after we get that one thing, there is something else we want even more. I have noticed that I have wanted a lot of things that I didn’t get and later realized I was glad I didn’t get them because I wouldn’t have wanted them any more. We need to be content with what we have. Easier said than done, I know. It’s something I need to work on too.


  17. A beautiful and convicting read. A few years ago my one word was contentment. What truths my eyes were open to! I’ve been given so much. I try to thank God for my time, my provisions, my family — all that God has given and “spoiled” me with.


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