What I know about Myself

You really don’t need to spend hours thinking about who you are, what you think or how you work–introspection is not the key for life.

But to know certain things about oneself certainly helps a lot in life.

Like since I know that my skin really doesn’t like poison ivy, I look twice all around me before I sit myself down in the woods when I am wearing short shorts in the summer.  Or since I know that I can get really cranky when I don’t get my beauty sleep, I try to turn in early the night before important events.

Some of what I know about myself spurs me on to change, working the necessary steps to not remain the same.  Like my inability to stop at three cookies, or the anger that rises up when you broach a specific subject, or the giggles that overtakes me when I face a certain situation, or the fear that paralyzes me in heavy traffic.

And some of what I know about myself is the driving force behind most of my decisions.  Like my motivational skills, or my love for children, or my innate gift with numbers, or my aptitude in mediating between people, or my heart that lives for words–or people, or flowers, or social fairness.

To know oneself helps in directing the adventure of one’s life.

Just saying….

What knowledge do you have about yourself that helps you in life?

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp

#17 Giggles

#16 Rainy Days at Home

#15 Opportunities



  1. After loosing 47 lbs in the last 6 months, I have come to know myself so much better. One could say I “found” myself under all the fat, hehe, but really seems true. I now know that I too, cannot stop with one or two cookies. I can discern if I am truly “hungry” or simply “tired”, “stressed”, “artistically frustrated”. Previously, I grouped all under, “hunger”. I also know that abuse, emotional and physical will always make me feel sick to my stomach. I know that through the lens of my Nikon, I am able to share the deepest parts of my heart. That my hubby is truly, “the wind beneath my wings” here on earth, a gift from Jesus. Finally, I know that I was lead to your blog because your words resonate with me each time I read a beautiful post. Blessings.


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