The invisible Children

They are from all over, from Africa to your back yard.  They have names I can’t pronounce and names like John, and Steven and Mary and Joe.  They are white, and black and yellow and brown.

And they don’t stand a chance.

Invisible to most, yet alive to such pain.  They feel, and cry and get hungry and hurt.

They want to be touched, and hugged, and told that they are loved. They starve for a smile. But many of us don’t see them–invisible to most.

They want to laugh and run and jump and feel the sun.   But they are kept in cages of hatred and misunderstanding.  Invisible to most.



Of immeasurable value.  

Of infinite worth.  

Yet invisible to most.

Oh, Lord, open my eyes.  I don’t want to look away.  

Use my hands, and my heart, and my voice and my strength.


Handwoven by the Creator.

Works of art.

Works of heart.

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann

#22 Food on my table

#21 Resources to help

#20 a Heart that feels

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  1. I was at the Bhutanese service this afternoon. Many have become my dear ones. I walk in and they run up and hug me. There are very serious situations and I can’t speak their language AT ALL, and many of them can hardly speak ours, and, yet, the Love flows. If they have a need, they let me know, and I do what I can or contact others. Taking to hospitals, insurance contacts, giving clothes and furniture from churches, and on and on. Today what did they need? My husband and I had given them our back yard to use as a veg garden, and they needed manure and top soil to mix in with our dry blah stuff. So, right before reading this post, I went to the hardware store to get the bags and they are in our van. After grabbing some early dinner I need to go up the street and grab them soon to come down and begin mixing this. Practicality is the main way of life.

    What you mentioned re: the children and the sicknesses and the isolation and physical struggle is so true… in their past cultural situations. Now they are loved and welcomed by many of us and their hearts are being exploded in the Lord. Nothing could be better than that.


  2. Merci pour ce post,inspiré par la photo de “l’enfant dans les bras de sa maman déssinée à la craie “? à tout bientôt,Catherine


  3. They are all around us; you are so right. We think they’re only in other countries, but not true. May the Lord open my eyes wider to see them and love them more.

    I’m glad God put us in the same group at SDG. I see I have much I can learn from you. Thanks, Barbara.


  4. We are in the same SDG group. I look forward to connecting.

    It hurts my heart to think of all those children that have never, and may never, experience a mother’s loving arms wrapped around them, baking treats with mommy, or walks with daddy. I’d take them all if I could.


  5. I posted once but had an error, if this posts twice, I apologize. We are in the same SDG group and I look forward to connecting.

    It hurts my heart to think of all the children that have never and may never feel a mother’s arms around them, bake cookies with mommy or go for walks with daddy. I would take them ALL if I possibly could.


  6. Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes open. Oh if I could travel the world and SEE more than I do and have the opportunity to BE more than I am.


  7. Well, I came over here to see my new buddy in the SDG group. What a lovely post. Reminds me of the little boy from Rwanda that we sponsor through Compassion. I wish I could hug him so tight. Him and thousands of others that go unnoticed. Glad you are remembering them.


  8. Augh! I wrote a nice, lovely comment and then got an error and had to start all over again. Don’t remember what exactly I wrote, but glad to be here and “meet” you. I am part of your SDG group. Looking forward to reading more wonderful posts.


  9. Beautifully said. I was an invisible child, but thankfully, not invisible to God…or my next-door neighbor who was pure GRACE in my life…


  10. Tears…. Open our eyes Lord, stregthen our conviction and make us accountable. Beautiful post my friend. I look forward to many more,


  11. Tears, Open our eyes Lord, stregthen our conviction and help us to open our hearts. Beautiful post my friend, I look forward to many more.


  12. So true. Lord, open my eyes that I may see everything you want me to see in this world, especially those who need to be noticed. Thank you for sharing this.


  13. “They want to be touched, and hugged, and told that they are loved”

    Yes, yes… I experienced this firsthand in Haiti a few weeks ago.


  14. Barbara, hard and oh, so achingly beautiful. May I not look away. May I always seek to see the face, the heart, the beauty. Although I can’t travel to see and touch and love on these children myself, it is an honor and a blessing to love them long-distance through the loving arms of my kids who’ve collectively gone on seven short-term mission trips, two currently preparing to head back to Guatemala and Potter’s House in June. Bless you for this inspiring post!


  15. Stopped by from Five-Minute Friday. I enjoyed your post on Connecting and found this link there. This is truly beautiful and needs to be said! Thank you so much for speaking out for those children we so often forget or turn our backs to.


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