There is growth in questioning ourselves and answering honestly. This isn’t always a fun growth, but for me, it is a necessary one.   So here you go, just in case you want that kind of growth in your life:

1. Where do I want to be in 5 years?  Will I be doing what I am doing now?  What am I doing toward getting there?  A stopped vehicle cannot be directed, but it is not that difficult to lead a moving object…

2. What was my favorite book ever, and why? You might discover some interesting things about yourself, your attitude and life as you answer this one.

3. What makes me really happy?  Or what makes my heart sing?  Can you do something to do more of that?

4. What do I look good in?  I wonder if the answer is really all about clothing…

But if it is, here is the necessary following question:

5. What am I doing with all that stuff in my closet that I don’t look good in?

6. What am I really, really good at?  A good way to find that out is to see what kinds of fruit your different activities bear.  And to simply ask your friends.

The necessary follow-up question is:

7. How do I use that gift in my life and the life of others around me and around the world?  

8. How do I influence others? Good or bad? Powerful or pitiful?

9. What would I like my friends, my colleagues, my community to say of me at my funeral?  Or rather, what would I like inscribed on my tombstone?

10. What do I love to eat?  It’s always good to know that, in case someone takes you out to dinner…

Would you care to answer any of these here?  I’d love to hear!

I’ll go first and answer #4: What do I look good in?

I think I look good in contentment.  When I am not satisfied, I look pretty unsettled, and grumpy, and bored.  When I am content, I look happy, and smart, interesting and inviting.  Yes, I look good when I am content.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann

#39 an early morning phone call from my son while he is stuck in traffic 

#38 a spring evening walk 

#37 the trust of a friend 

#36 a clean house and the feeling it gives me

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