God of our Fathers

When I consider the God I love and serve, my heart sometimes cannot contain the wonder I feel.

The God who helps me count pennies and dimes is the God of Solomon, the richest man who ever lived.  He met with him like He meets with me, in the reality of our simple souls.  He was, is, and forever will be the God of all provision.

The God who requires all of me is the same God who called Abram and required his all, including his beloved son.  No explanation, no excuses.  He is God from everlasting to everlasting.

The God who tenderly makes a bridge for me to cross over in the tempestuous storms of life is the same God who divided the Red Sea and led His people to the other side through Moses, His servant. He was, He is, and forever will be the God of breakthroughs.

The God who leads my very mind is the same God who gave Jacob the dream that set his life on fire.  From beginning to end, He is the God who shares His secrets with us.

The God who teaches me to rely on Him as the Shepherd of my soul is the same God who showed us what a shepherd is in David, the little boy who defended his flock with his bare hands.  He is the God who protected, protects and always will protect His people.

The God who cares about each one of my little hurts is the same God who allowed His Son to suffer the unimaginable on behalf of all humanity.  He is the God of love.

The God who doesn’t desert me when everything around me is burning up is the same God who walked in the fiery furnace with Daniel and his friends.  He is the God who was, is and forever will be present with us.

Throughout all of history, He has knows each one by name.  And that includes me.

From the beginning until then end, He surrounds each one of His own with Himself.  And that includes me.

The God of our Fathers is mine.

Today and for all eternity.

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann Voskamp

#44 Tuna Fish and fresh Asparagus

#43 Eternity

#42 God knowing my Name

#41 God meeting with me

#40 The sense of God being with me always

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  1. Beautiful! What a great God we have. He has given us everything He can possibly give us. Now it is up to us to use those gifts. Thank you.


  2. So well said!!! He is a mighty God and may we never recover from the gift He gave us in Son. He is the same yesterday, today, yes and forever. Our God, our Savior and our King..


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