May 2012 Letter–Dear Table

Dear Table,

Sometimes, I dress you all up with starched napkins and fancy plates. Sometimes, I light you up with a zillion candles. Most days I let you be your beautiful self, quite ordinary and without any pretenses.

You carry plates, and glasses, and silverware.  You carry confrontations, and memories, and laughter unto tears.

Oh, if you could only talk… 

Sitting around you, I have gotten to know famous people, hideous people, kind people, hurting people, smart people… With you as the centerpiece, the people I love have divulged deep secrets, and cried until there were no more tears, and regained strength and laughed until their bellies hurt.  

Remember when we initiated a new family member to our Christmas Fondue tradition?  You soaked in all the spilled oil without any complaint–became stronger for it.  Remember when you became a source of comfort in the nastiest of storms?  You were a safe harbor that we gladly embraced to keep our sanity.  Remember when we spilled a rainbow of colors upon you, deeply involved with coloring our Easter eggs?  You drank it all in, and we did too–vitamins for the souls. 

Our hands have encircled you more often than I can count as we invited Jesus in our midst and blessed our food, and each other around you.  Our lives are edged on your surface, from the nicks to the indentations of hands rubbing the grain of your belly during long conversations.

My family’s history is lodged deep within your planks– imperfect and so gorgeous.   

Thank you for all you that you mean to me.


Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann

#49 Friday nights “wine and cheese” with my husband

#48 friends around my table

#47 the anticipation of dinner with friends

#46 the provision of food

#45 the beauty of a well set table

#42 my European Knife-holders

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  1. Oh, I love this, Barbara. If only tables could talk, what tales they could tell! We just have to do it for them. 🙂 I wish I had a list of all the people that have sat around our table. It would make quite a story.


  2. I had a table that I hated because it was big and old. Then my aunt delighted in it and said, I will trade you my new maple set for this one. Why would you want it I asked. She went on and on about its beauty of the cherry wood, and its elegance and how it would hold a large family and on and on she went.
    I took a new look at my old table, and decided maybe it was beautiful after all. We used it for many years, and then when we moved to the woods it seemed too large for our mobile home. Our children had purchased new dinning room sets, so I asked our foster daughter if she would like to have it. Oh yes, she replied, and although they now have an empty next, there are times when her five children and their families gather around that lovely table. Thank you for the memories and for your entry in “Tell me a Story.” Please return again with another story.


  3. Thank you for reminding me of the countless memories made around our tables. It is an amazing place…an altar actually during morning prayers, Bible studies, etc. I love this! 🙂


  4. What a beautiful reminder of all that is precious in our life! The memories, the people…thank you for sharing this!


  5. Oh, Barbara, this was written so beautifully. It made me think of encircling my own table and the memories we’ve made there. The best memories have family and our Heavenly Father entwined.


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